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I have published the books below

Book Cover2_edited.jpg

This text (co-authored with Kenneth Jorgensen) published in 2010 and comprising 264 pages looks at the key aspects of HRD theory. It serves as a comprehensive introductory text to the field of HRD, as well as an ideal platform for a more in-depth advanced study of the field. 

This updated and extended version of the HRD textbook released in 2014 and comprising 352 pages (with updated case studies and four new chapters) analyses how HRD can play a major role in organisational innovation, in developing communities and society and in operating on a cross-national and international basis

This major work was published in 2011 and is a collection of the major pieces of research in HRD. It contains 83 pieces of research organised across 8 themes and 3 volumes and reflects the broad multidisciplinary focus of HRD

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